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Results only advertising


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Braddog Media focuses on what works in the digital advertising space. With its ROA (Results Only Advertising) method, clients can be confident that its organization’s advertising dollars are being put to optimal use.

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Need help with your brand or business?

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Braddog Media prides itself on having straightforward/all-inclusive pricing with no extra commissions, up-charges, gimmicks, etc.

An initial $500 Startup charge is included in the first month's invoice. This will go toward campaign set up, creative preparation, and custom reporting dashboard creation.

Choose the Package That Is Right For Your Business


Included in ALL Tiers:

  • Campaign Management

  • Ad Creation

  • Campaign Optimization

  • KPI Reporting Transparency (This includes a custom reporting dashboard, allowing you to view your campaign stats in real-time, just like we do)

*Content will need to be provided to Braddog Media in order to implement into advertising campaigns. If your brand does not have content to work with, please discuss options with Braddog Media prior to starting. Alternative package options may be available for additional cost.

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Case Study


To grow online sales for a Health Supplement Company, Braddog Media took over management of a Google Sales Advertising program.

In the first month, the campaign saw a $0.13 CPC decrease (23%).

This was due to enhancing content assets, improving audience targeting, and optimizing the campaign to 100% with Google recommendations.

With less than $2,000 in ad spend, nearly $70,000 in sales were produced in the first month.

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For a Pop Culture Podcast with little following, Braddog Media was hired to grow their YouTube presence, with both subscribers and views. April, 2021 was an especially crucial growth month, with an abundance of content needing marketing.

Braddog Media, over the course of 2021, grew the YouTube account by over 3,000 subscribers, with nearly 2 million views.


Below were the goals and results of the month:

$6,000 Budget (Client preferred to spend less)

500 New Subscribers




Cost-Per Subscribers


Ad Spend: $5,620

693 New Subscribers

329,465 Views (On YouTube videos, excluding ad views)

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For a Kansas City-based Medical Spa, Braddog Media was tasked with improving phone call inquiries for injection services as part of the Digital Advertising Program.

This particular part of the program was only given $100/month in ad spend.

Utilizing Google Paid Search, Braddog Media generated over 12 phone call inquiries per month on average, with a $8.15 average per phone call.

With the cost of injection services ranging from $200-$500+ per appointment, the program was incredibly successful.

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Got Questions?

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For the business owner ready to make a serious impact.


$3,500 - $7,499

Monthly Advertising Spend


25% of Ad Spend


For those taking a first step into digital advertising.

$2,000 - $3,499

Monthly Advertising Spend


35% of Ad Spend

For ROA (Results Only Advertising) with the highest ROI (Return On Investment)


Monthly Advertising Spend


20% of Ad Spend

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