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Through proper brand strategy, unique content, and digital advertising, we know how to reach and engage with customers in the online world.


With the above mentioned efforts, plus putting an emphasis on consistent branding, you will become more and more recognizable to your target audience. 

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Where Did Braddog Media Come From?

Brady Hester has always had a passion for branding and helping others grow their businesses. Since his college days at the University of Central Missouri in 2014, he has helped his clients grow in the digital world. Brady took advantage of virtual opportunities, taking client projects not only in Kansas City, but across the world. These early experiences would be the foundation of what Braddog Media was built on.

In 2019, Brady decided to put a brand behind his name and further his efforts. Based off of nickname Brady received in high school, Braddog Media was formed. The brand combines strategy with creative, Brady's biggest strengths. 

As a visionary, Brady can picture large scale efforts to create unique products for his clients. In the early days of Braddog Media, he began to connect himself within the Kansas City area and across the world. In particular, with some of the most creative individuals around. Braddog Media has access to top videography, photography, and editing professionals to utilize for clients.


Braddog Media not only serves clients, put also an audience on a larger scale. In order to reach more people in the world and share valuable entrepreneurial information, The Braddog Media Show was created. Brady has utilized the platform to engage with top entrepreneurs, including: Cory Gregory (Co-Founder of MusclePharm and Max Effort Muscle), Jeff Fenster (Owner of Everbowl), and Kansas Citian, Andrew Morgans (Owner of Marknology). The informative and entertaining conversations have reached thousands, as the podcast sets a great example of the power of original content.